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INON Z-240 Type 4
€ 649.00
The Z-240 is INON’s flagship model designed for professionals demanding high performance lighting with modern digital camera systems, and film camera systems. The Z-240 provides high performance, innovative features and versatility in a package about one half the size of conventional strobes.
Multiple flash modes, including S-TTL, 24-step External Auto, 13-step Manual & Nikonos TTL for film camera support. Connect with electrical cable or fiber optic cable. Light, compact body with powerful 24 Guide Number (ISO 100, Air x 1 meter; GN=79/feet), 100 degree circular beam, 13 step manual power output adjustment, manual ON, shutter linked auto OFF high-intensity 3W LED focus light supporting auto and manual focus, advanced pre-flash cancel circuitry, compatible with INON “Clear Photo System.”


High Power - Powerful 24 Guide Number (ISO 100, Air x 1 meter; GN=79/feet) for DSLR users shooting small apertures in macro, or lighting reefscapes with fullframe fisheye lenses. Latest technologies harnessed to make internal components with even higher power in the same lightweight, compact package as its predecessor, the Z-220. Uses commonly available AA batteries – 240 full flash outputs per set of AA eneloop batteries to fill the large cards of modern DSLR systems. High power without bulky dedicated battery packs.

Super fast recycle time: 1.7 seconds after full dump when using AA eneloop batteries. For less than full dumps recycle time is virtually instantaneous. Keep up with the high-speed burst imaging possible with DSLR systems.

Light Quality

Clean daylight color temperature: 5500K for an unbiased, “natural” baseline color temperature at initial image capture, for straightforward image post processing of desired color characteristics in macro and wide angle.

Wide circular beam angle:
 100 degree circular beam fully covers 100 degree wide angle attachment lenses or 20mm lenses in fullframe DSLR systems. Increased flash surface area of Twin "T" configured flash tubes (pdf 462K) gives softer lighting and 100 degree full frame coverage even if strobe head is tilted off axis relative to camera. –0.5 and –1.5 Diffusers, included standard with Z-240, increase coverage to 110 degrees.

Ultra Multimode - multiple flash exposure modes to suit many camera types and shooting styles.

 13 steps of manual flash output control - the most of any professional level strobe available. Controllable in 1/2EV increments, for high level professional quality lighting.

S-TTL: (pdf 234K) 
Automatic TTL first shot accurate exposure as simple as pressing the shutter button with digital cameras using a pre-flash. Easy, accurate operation for users wanting point-and-shoot convenience without setting camera and strobe controls. Compatible with most digital camera systems having a pre-flash and a transparent housing or optical window. Just set the camera to P Mode and "force flash", and the strobe to S-TTL and start shooting.

External Auto: (pdf 259K)
 Just match the strobe's aperture value to the camera's and start shooting. If necessary, fine-tune exposure with 24 steps of control. In “External Auto” the Z-240 itself automatically adjusts for correct flash output amount and “proper” exposure. Just set the strobe’s aperture to match the camera’s aperture value. It is not necessary to rely on the camera’s automatic flash adjustment control. With dual strobes, subtly vary light output to each strobe to freely control shadows according to your artistic intention.

Nikonos TTL:
 True “TTL” (in the traditional sense), supports film camera systems having conventional Nikonos TTL circuitry, or those having conversion circuitry compliant with the Nikonos protocol.

Product Specications

o Product: Z-240 Strobe Body, Sync Connector Cap, Slave Sensor Cap, -0.5 White Diffuser (TTL/Manual), -1.5 White Diffuser (TTL/Manual), Light Filter (red) for diffuser, Light Filter Seal (red), Electrical Connection Advanced Cancel Circuit Switch Seal (for film cameras / digital cameras), Electrical Connection TTL Seal, Caution Seal (English), Spare O-rings (Battery Box, Sync Connector), INON Grease, TTL Insulation Plate x 2 pc.

o Strobe Control Modes: S-TTL Auto, External Auto, Manual, Nikonos TTL Auto(*1), Manual + TTL Auto (*1)

o Connection Methods: Optical D Cable, Optical Cable, Optical D Slave Cable, Electrical Cable (*2)

o Settable Flash Outputs / Guide Numbers: (*3)

Air, ISO 100 x 1 meter: Full: 24, -0.5: 21, -1: 17, -1.5: 14, -2: 12, -2.5: 10, -3: 8.5, -3.5: 7.1, -4: 6.0, -4.5: 5.0, -5: 4.2, -5.5: 3.6, -6: 3.0. (13 steps in 1/2EV increments)

Air, ISO 100 x 1 foot: Full: 79, -0.5: 69, -1: 56, -1.5: 46, -2: 39, -2.5: 33, -3: 28, -3.5: 23, -4: 20, -4.5: 16, -5: 14, -5.5: 12, -6: 10. (13 steps in 1/2EV increments)

 Settable Aperture Values:(*4)

 f/1.4+1/2EV through f/11 (12 steps in 1/2EV increments)

f/1.4+1/2EV through f/11+1/4EV (24 steps 1/4EV increments)

Beam Angle:

100° x 100° (air) circular beam

110° x 110° (air) circular beam, with diffuser

Color Temperature:

5500K (strobe, at full output, without diffusers)

5000-7000K (focus light)

Compatible Batteries:(*5)

AA Alkaline, Nicad, “eneloop” model HR-3UTG, Lithium, Oxyride x 4 pc.
(*Manganese & non “eneloop” NiMH batteries not compatible)

Strobe Recycle Time:(*6)(*7)(*10)

 AA eneloop batteries: 1.7 seconds minimum (HR-3UTG)

AA Nicad batteries: 1.5 seconds minimum (1,000mAh)

AA Alkaline batteries: 2.3 seconds minimum (1.5V)

AA Lithium batteries: 2.5 seconds minimum (1.5V)

AA Oxyride batteries: 2.1 seconds minimum (1.5V)

Flash Capacity:(*6)(*7)(*10)

AA eneloop batteries: approximately 240 flashes (HR-3UTG)

AA Nicad batteries: approximately 120 flashes (1,000mAh)

                                     AA Alkaline batteries: approximately 220 flashes (1.5V)

AA Lithium batteries: approximately 380 flashes (1.5V)

AA Oxyride batteries: approximately 250 flashes (1.5V)

 High-intensity 3 Watt LED Focus/Target Light:

Continuous Mode Shutter linked, auto OFF
(Manually set to ON, shuts off for 0.5 seconds when shutter opens, then turns on again automatically)

Single Mode Shutter linked, auto OFF
(Manually set to ON, shuts off when shutter opens

Focus Light Burn Time: :(*7)(*8)(*10)

AA eneloop batteries: approximately 2:20 hours (HR-3UTG)

AA Nicad batteries: approximately 1:40 hours (1,000mAh)

AA Alkaline batteries: approximately 2:00 hours (1.5V)

AA Lithium batteries: approximately 4:00 hours (1.5V)

AA Oxyride batteries: approximately 1:30 hours (1.5V) (*9)

Depth Rating: 100m (330 feet)

 Size: (not including slave sensor, arm mounting base)

Diameter: Approx. 99mm (3.9 inches)

 Length: Approx. 100mm (3.9 inches)

Height: Approx. 122mm (4.8 inches)


Air: 581gr (1.28 lbs.) without batteries

U/W: Approx. 72gr (2.5 oz.) with 4 AA eneloop batteries

Operating Temperature: 0°C through 35°C (32°F through 95°F) in water

Storage Temperature: 0°C through 35°C (32°F through 95°F) in air
(50°C (122°F) maximum temperature for short time when strobe is off)

Body Material: Polycarbonate resin (gray)

Specifications subject to change without notice.

(*1) Film camera type TTL only possible when used with Nikonos TTL compatible cameras / camera systems connected by electrical sync cable.

(*2) Sea & Sea Sync Cord N, product number 17100.

(*3) Measurement in Air, at ISO100 x 1 meter, and ISO100 x 1 foot.

(*4) In External Auto, at ISO100 equivalent sensor/film sensitivity.

(*5) Oxyride battery voltage is in excess of 1.7V and is fine for firing strobe. However when batteries are still fresh and voltage high, and Focus Light LED is turned on and left shining continuously, there may be excessive heat, shortening Focus Light bulb life. Due to higher voltage, when using new Oxyride batteries, maximum continuous Focus Light LED burn time is limited to within 10 minutes, with subsequent 5 minute cooling period thereafter. Maximum continuous Focus Light LED burn time is 30 minutes after the strobe has been fired at least 30 times, or at least 10 times at full power output, which reduces the voltage down to conventional battery levels.

(*6) Full strobe output at 30 second intervals with both Focus Light and Advanced Cancel Circuit OFF, at 25C (77F) degrees.

Tested with following batteries:

eneloop: SANYO “eneloop” HR-3UTG 1.2V, Min. 1,900mAh, Typ.2,000mAh

Nicad: GP 100AAKC, KR6, 1.2V, 1,000mAh

Alkaline: Maxcell ALKALINE ACE, LR6(K), 1.5V

                                     Lithium 1.5V: FUJIFULM/Energizer LITHIUM, FR6, 1.5V

Oxyride: Panasonic Oxyride, ZR6Y, 1.5V

(*7) Recycle Time / Flash Capacity based on Inon test data. Actual values may vary based on battery manufacturer, battery type and age.

(*8) Focus Light shined in Continuous Mode for 30 minute ON, 5 minute OFF intervals, burn time calculated. Test at 25C (77F) degrees.

(*9) Tested under conditions in (*8) above, after firing strobe at full power output 10 times at 30 second intervals with Focus Light and Advanced Cancel Circuit OFF. When using Focus Light, refer to Note (*5) above.

(*10) In addition to previous Z-240 models, for higher power LED equipped Z-240 Type 3 also, it is imperative to observe the "Focus Light Continuous Burn Time" and "Strobe Repeated Flash” operational limitations. See "Compatible battery & operational limitations of flash/focus light" (set link here) for further reference.

  • Manufactured by: Inon

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